My Very Yellow Party

Last Sunday I organised a Yellow Party – to invite the beginning of Summer.

I got the idea from these Mr. Sun cupcakes which I ended up not using for the final night.

I am a fan of these “theme” parties although I’m not a fan of costume themes.  About 2 months ago I organized a T party and cooked everything that begins with T. The Yellow party was undoubtedly more colourful and more fun. The guests were asked to wear something yellow. I wore this yellow-mustard lace shirt.

2013-05-24 15.40.41










I had a yellow bow on the door and the plan was to design the interior a bit more than I actually managed to in the end. I went to a pick n’ Mix store and bought foam bananas, fried egg sweets and lemon drops. The aim was to place them in transparent jars to line the corridor but my the time I was ready to prepare them, the man had gone through a substantial amount. So I resorted to placing them in bowls and they were a sweet welcome treat at the door.

My favourite part of the party was preparing the welcome “shot”. I prepared lemon vodka jello shot slices and although online they seem to be really difficult to do – I managed pretty well. I used this website but tweaked it somewhat. I did not use lemon juice instead of water and did not use lemon vodka, preferring to go with normal vodka. Slicing the half lemons were almost the easiest part! (you need good sharp knives!)

2013-05-18 18.03.00

For a welcome drink I prepared a cocktail called Sunkiss – cointreau (1 measure) , pineapple (1 1/2 measure)  and grapefruit juice (1 1/2 measure). The grapefruit is a great contrast to the sweetness of the Contreau – and of course its yellow. (ensure to find yellow grapefruit not pink!)

The soup was a favourite with everyone – including myself (I’m not a fan of soups!). I used this recipe to prepare a sweet potato soup with bourbon. I used plain bread croutons rather than brown sugar ones in an attempt to be healthier. I also was too lenient on the bourbon – I could have afforded to put a bit more.

For the main meal, I prepared lemon chicken with saffron rice. I also added some corn to the rice to add to the yellow. this is one of my favourite recipes and I have cooked it often when I have guests. I’m not a fan of chicken but this recipe really brings up the flavour of the lemon, without being too overpowering. I also used the same lemons I used for the jello to make the juice therefore reducing waste.

For desert, I made use of my molecular gastronomy set (yay). I basically followed these two you tube videos however I replaced mango with apricot.




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